November 01, 2018


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We continue to offer skate sharpening while you wait, and we're also stocked with some of the necessary accessories to keep you going strong on the ice! 

In the first part of this month's newsletter, you'll find a brief discussion of skate sharpening hollows that should help next time you're asked which you prefer!

Following this will have a brief review of some cycling happenings in the greater Saint John Area over the past month including the 2018 Quispamcross, and a poker ride at Rockwood Park. 

Next, we'll see some cold and poor weather riding gear, a few really cool fat, plus, and trail bikes, and some super cool Sram kit that just arrived!

Lastly, we'll close off the newsletter with news about the 2018 Kingston Kruze, and a reminder to get registered for the Elmhurst cyclocross race this Sunday, November 4th.

Hockey season is in full swing now, and we continue to offer skate sharpening at your preferred hollow, while you wait.

With that in mind, when we ask the question "Do you have a preferrence for a particular hollow?", folks often don't know what the options are or why one might be preferable to another. But that's why we're here, and we're always happy to make a recommendation!  

Here's a quick brake down of what we mean when when we ask which hollow you prefer.

The depth or "Hollow" of your skate's sharpening refers to how deep the radius of the grinding wheel cuts into your skate blade. The more shallow the sharpening is, such as a 1", 3/4", or 5/8", the more glide the skate will have. 1" and 3/4" are popular on Goalie Skates while a hollow of 5/8" is very popular for figure skating. A 1/2" hollow is by far the most commonly used as it provides a good balance between gliding on top of and biting into the ice. Alternatively, a deeper hollow such as 3/8" gives the blade more bite can be said to give the skate an explosive feel. This is popular for skaters with an explosive style and is also common for smaller, lighter hockey players as they may not be heavy enough to push a shallower hollow into the ice enough to give them confidence turning.

Hopefully this helps next time you're asked "which hollow do you prefer?", and if you've got any questions don't hesitate to call, email, or come by the shop. We're always happy to help!

While your skates are getting done up, don't forget to check out our stock of accessories such as laces, stick & sock tape, stick wax, helmet repair kits, skate guards, and more!  Click the button below to find our contact information, hours of operation, address, and more!

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Month in review
Or, yes, we're still out riding bikes!

The 2018 Quispamcross was a great success. Attendance was looking pretty meager leading up to the event, but true to form, the community came out and the event was well attended by youth and adults alike! 

The morning started off quite chilly as the wind whipped off the river to blast participants and volunteers, but as the day wore on the weather improved and a good time was had by all.

This years course was a great challenge with plenty of technical turns, great barrier placement, and just generally great use of the terrain. In particular, we were lucky enough (or unlucky depending on who you ask!) to be able to include the beach volleyball court as a proper sand pit feature. This was a great addition to the course and if you could ride into, through, and out of it cleanly, it was a great spot to put time into your competitors. On the other hand, mistakes made here tended to be costly, so the ability to get on and off the bike quickly and smoothly was particularly important here.

Check out a couple of videos from the event below, and click here to head to the MCS Facebook page to see some of the great photos from the event!

Thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors without which these events simply couldn't happen. Huge congratulations go out to all the podium finishers, and special congrats to Noah Doucette for riding a bike that is too big and that he'd never raced before to win the youth race by a considerable margin. Lastly, a HUGE thanks to ALL participants. Without you we'd just be a bunch of weirdos taping crop circles in fields and parks!

This past weekend, Saint John Cycling and the Trail Miners organized a social poker ride and after party to thank volunteers. The ride showcased some of the amazing work the Trail Miners have accomplished this year as several trails have seen huge efforts to increase their sustainability. Many old wood bridges and features were rebuilt throughout the park to improve trail flow and to last much longer into the future. Additionally, reroutes have been completed on trails like Mackay Skyway and Corduroy that make them more sustainable and, ultimately, even more fun! As usual, we were too busy riding to take too many pictures, but check out the gallery below to see the carnage inflicted upon the bikes. Also, check out the seriously great edit local rider Pat Graves put together of the ride and the gathering afterwords.

New product in stock!
Riding gear for the shoulder and colder season

While the 2018 cycling season is winding down for many, 2019 product is starting to roll in and we are getting super excited. Bontrager's new line of clipless SPD compatible pedals (pictured left) are just one example of some of the great, new product that we've got in store now. These pedals are lighter and less expensive than the comparable competitors pedal and are available in a variety of colours making them a great way to customize your whip!

Riding gear for the shoulder and colder season

We understand that you want to keep riding outside no matter the weather, so we've topped up our stock and brought in some great new gloves, base layers, hats, toe covers, shoe covers and more. With temperatures all over the place and wet conditions often prevailing, it's especially important to have the right gear for the conditions at hand! Layering is absolutely key in this regard. This means not just having layers, but having the right kind of layers! Click here to read an article that breaks down the different kinds of layers and highlights the importance of choosing the right kind of material for each layer.

If you've got ANY questions, come by the shop and we'll be glad to talk your ear off!  Of course, once you've got your clothing figured out, you need a good set of lights to stay safe and visible. Come by the shop anytime, and we'd be happy to shed some light on the many options available!

Check out the gallery below to see pictures of some really cool 2019 Trek and Rocky Mountain bikes that have recently arrived!

Most people have by now heard of Sram's amazing wireless drivetrain technology, but did you know that you can send shift data to certain head units to see gear selection in real time and to collect training data?! Click here to learn more neat and not well known facts about eTap.

We are super excited to have eTap in rim brake, post mount disc brake, and flat mount disc brake options in stock now at special pricing! Swing by to check it out.

Lastly, this weekend has two events on the calendar.

First, the Kingston Kruze event was to take place tomorrow, Saturday, November 3rd. This is a no drop ride with both the 100km and 60km distances leaving from Elmhurst Outdoors. Unfortunately, Mother Nature has conspired against us this year, and with 50-80mm of rain forecast for tomorrow, organizers made the wise decision to postpone the event. 

A new date will be announced ASAP on the Kingston Kruze event page. Check it out here for the most up to date information. We'll gather to together to celebrate the life of a Friend, to raise awareness and to raise a few dollars for pancreatic cancer research at the same time. 

Also taking place this weekend at Elmhurst Outdoors is the last cyclocross race of the season and the last event on the 2018 Velo NB calendar! There will be no registration on the day of, so be sure to click here to get yourself registered ahead of time! Registration closes Saturday, November 3rd, at 9pm.

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Enjoy the Ride!
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