April 01, 2018


This month's newsletter is all about the kids! 

Spring is upon us and we at MCS are super happy to announce our involvement with the Sprockids program for 2018 and beyond!!! Registration is currently open and will be until April 26, 2018. Please visit our facebook page for details and head over to this page to get your little one registered.

Sprockids is a very inclusive program geared towards developing a skillset that best compliments the individual rider and their needs. Once we get the ball rolling with the skills and various riding techniques, we will put the riders through the paces utilizing some of the great trails that we have in our area. Each rider will be grouped with similarly skilled riders and there will be lots of one on one instruction.

The course will be a six (6) week program beginning on Tuesday May 1, 2018 from 6:00 PM until 7:30 PM. We will continue each week at the same time. Example:

Week 1 skills, cornering, braking, descending etc

Week 2 similar to week 1 with the addition of more one on one

Week 3 Tech Corner – two levels of tech will be taught: brake, derailleur adjustment, tire change, etc. (We will likely keep this session in the bank and use it in case of rain).

Week 4 Time to hit the trails!!! Some trail riding and dissection of obstacles with our new skills.

Week 5 Similar to week 4 but in a different location.

Week 6 Overview of program, awards and who knows … maybe a little race!!!

If the weather is sub standard we will have to make accommodations at that time. The entire itinerary will be posted on our FB page so please stay tuned for the schedule and locations. Locations will be: Rockwood Park, Shady Grove, MCS for Tech Corner and the QPlex.

The cost will be $60.00 payable through the online link to registration. Each Rider will receive the following:

  • A Velo NB Membership ($30.00 value, see Velo NB for membership details and benefits)
  • An MCS Spring Training Camp 2018 t-shirt
  • An MCS water bottle
  • Excellent instruction and the meeting of many many folks from our ever growing cycling community
  • A Certificate of completion

We hope to see you all there!!!

Happy Trails,
Dean Roberts Owner
streebor@rogers.com, or info@millenniumcycleandsport.com
(506) 849-7433


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